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Marit: I am in a Hotel in Doorn, and I would like to have a conversation with you.

It is 20.00 pm and it is the 9 th of February 2016.

It is a long time ago we talked this way I hope you can speak your message through me again,

….. hello Ezekiël Bashar ….

E. Bashar: Last time we talked was in October, and we had a few private conversations but not this way,

I am glad you contact me again and make this connection

I am going to say what is on my mind:

As you all see and feel the world is changing, rapidly, faster than ever before.

A lot is happening: terrible things, wars, migration, attacks….

What can YOU do to stop this.

What can you do, as a person, to make a difference … what can you do!

What can you mean? How can you, just one person in the world make a difference?

Can you make a difference?

Of course you can! You can make a difference, when you believe in yourself, when you express yourself, your Self, your Inner Self wants to come to the surface, wants to be born into the world … to create this new world.

The new earth belongs to you!

A new Earth without wars, a new world without hatred.

A new world with compassion, with love, with an inner knowing.

It can be possible this new world. From time to time you can experience the 5 the Dimension on earth already:

a lot of you people have experienced this in your homes, in the way you live, in connections to other souls.

But there is a lot of work to do to reach the world, to reach everyone and you can make a difference, you can stand up and speak out.

You can share your inner feelings with your surroundings with the people around you, and not only the ones who know you, who understand you, but also the ones you don’t know, the ones you would like to know but you haven’t made the connection yet: the ones on the streets, the ones at your work…

Don’t be afraid to express yourself:

In sharing your inner feelings … in spreading your light you will touch the other!

Radiate your light and reach out to the world.

Don’t hesitate any more, the other won’t do the work for you,

you have to do it by yourself.

Everyone has to connect to his inner Self and we all are connected in the One …

One person can make a difference.

Christ Consciousness on Earth is in your heart.

Everyone who is listening now can feel the Christ consciousness be born in his-her heart, it is already there … you can spread the word…

You can spread the message of love and peace,

you can see the world from your hearth,

from within connected to your inner center of wisdom.

Be quiet and listen to your inner Self and know that you can do this.

You walked the Earth time after time in preparation of this.

And now you are here …

And now you are still hesitating to do so …

You came here on Earth to spread the word,

to connect to Mother Earth to feel your Inner Spirit.

Go out, go out and sit down, next to a tree and connect to the wisdom of Mother Earth.

Feel her peace, feel her quietness, feel that everything is okay …

Feel her strength, your strength and connect yourself:

Roots going down deep to the inner center of the world.

Reach out with your roots to the Inner Earth, make the connection to the Earth crystal and then feel what happens within your body:

Feel your strength, your faith coming back to you, feel your heart expanding …

Feel that your frequency level is going up …. feel the joy ...

Be moved, moved by the wisdom of Mother Earth,

moved by your connection to your own inner spirit,

and then treasure this in your heart…

And go and spread the word from within:

Be enthusiastic, be happy, feel the faith coming from within.

Tell the people about … food, about the animals, about their wisdom, about pollution, about having something to say, about making the difference.

Connect to people and be inspired by nature.

Listen to your dreams:

We often come to you in your dreams,

we make the connection because it is so easy for us to talk to you then. When you wake up remember your dreams, feel you inner wisdom, feel the learnings … and go out!

We love to work with you, we love to work through you.

We … the Ascended Masters, the extra-terrestrials, spirits, the dolphins, the whales, all the energies of light connecting to you….


You can make the difference …. Please, make the difference.

Go out and spread the word … your word … your thoughts.

Be the enlightment on earth,

BE the new world!

When people look at you they can see someone of love, someone connecting, being the 5 Dimension, someone who does not judge, someone who is honest, someone who can listen to the other and say the right things, the right words in the right time,

someone who can listen, someone who can comfort you:

only by looking at you they can feel your inner wisdom, they can feel your support, they can feel your trust in them.

Let them feel that you see them, they will see you!

Do not be afraid they won’t think you are a fool.

Make the connection, let them feel your warmth, let them feel your love ….

Love yourself!

This is for now we will speak to you often now, short messages of comfort and relief.

Believe in us as we believe in you, you, and in you, you too, all of you ...

We love you, we are connected …. to you

This was Bashar speaking

Thank you,

Marit: thank you!

Bashar: no thank you!

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