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15th of April 2014

Bashar: write down the following words:

Do no longer doubt

Do no longer linger

You feel us, and we feel you

The consciousness of us, being there just like you, is growing…

The more you tune in to us, into our realms of existence, the closer we get…

The more you wish us to meet you, the more real a meeting ‘in the flesh’ will become

Your level of consciousness is rising, your vibration is changing, it comes closer and closer to our level of vibration.

This will come to a point where we can meet, really meet, not in your dreams or outer body experiences, but in reality.

Do not be afraid but see us as we are, wonderful beings, existing, living in another realm, wishing to cooperate with you!

Keep up the good work, talk about us, do not deny us,

Make it more and more ‘normal’ to connect to us.

We will help you to make this more easy.

Soon we cannot be denied anymore: UFO sightings, sightings of motherships, close encounters: it will become more and more normal in the coming years.

Spread our love, make people feel that they do not have to be afraid.

As you believe in us, we will be able to make the connection much more easier.

Feel our wish to cooperate, to reunite, to collaborate, to co-create the New Earth

This for now,

Thank you,


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