De weg van het Licht

Herinner je wie je werkelijk bent

                                        MESSAGE IN THE STONE CIRCLE

The recording was very bad, we were standing outside in the middle of a stone circle, crows circling above us and making noises during the channeling.  My scull Ezekiël-Bashar was placed in the middle of us on a big stone, a the spot where we felt so much energy like in a vortex. 

This is what he said:

E. Bashar:

...we have the chance to speak to you

Welcome to you … to all of you.

We are so grateful that you are here together with us

great spirit of you  and us, the extra terrestrial beings

We are you in another dimension, in another time

We are you in the future and the decisions you take on earth  inflict our life here …

So please stay connected and please remember what happened yesterday

And remember your connection to the enormous Chrystal of Mother Earth.

We are so happy with you people connecting to each other, connecting to us, whether you are aware of us or not, it doesn’t matter.

We are there and we can feel  the good intention.

This vortex opens to the twelfth dimension and further on.

The good work you do on Earth and the respect for Mother Earth will touch us 

(black crows are circling above us and are making a lot of noise)

Feel in your body,  feel the connection to your heart and feel the emotions …when you feel the emotions in your inner self you know it is ... Then you make the connection to your hearth with every decision you make, with every difficulty you may encounter.

Stay connected in your center. In connection with your heart, with an  alignment to the Chrystal of Mother Earth …

And feel her grace around you and feel all the power around you: Great spirits, the angels, the Masters

There is a shift going on and you can make people aware of this

And you are doing it in your way, in respect for everything alive the plants, the woods, … the animals, other people

Radiate your light around you and stay focused and believe in your light and believe in the power you have inside of you

Believe in the power coming to you from your inner self,  moving people, touching people, connecting people

Don’t believe you  cannot do anything on your own, you can move the world

Stay in connection with others, others who are just like you

And who can feel the connection just like you And don’t be afraid to speak out

Don’t be afraid to show yourself

Don’t be afraid to take the word in public and express yourself

Know that we are always there with you  You don’t have to search for words 

We will give you the words, we will give you the whisdom

You can feel the connection And you will stand as a rock and touch people in their heart

And that is what is necessary for you to do:

To touch the world in her hearth

The great leaders,  the citizens

We are so grateful you doing this, that you open yourself up to us, we thank you very much

You are so welcomeso please accept our gratitude  and feel our support

And stay connected like we are connected with you

We are you, you are us,  do not be afraid

Thank you thank you                                                                                        

The reflection of us can be seen in the skull of Bashar, we are standing in a circle