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Don't be afraid II

Channeling E. Bashar

Braunlage B.R.D. 12 juli 2014

Marit: I really liked what you talked about, and I hope I can continue now a little bit more …..

My last question was why is the triangular form for you so important, I saw it on your site and I saw it on the stone Sharon carried with her. Why is it so important?

E. Bashar: The triangular form is the form of my spaceship, it is formed in a triangular way and this is the form I like the most.

It is my home… it is where I live now. And the form inside of it, the Fibonacci spiral, is the beginning of life, it is the holy form. It is the holiness in everything. You can find it in nature, you can find it in art, in measurements, you can find it in faces.

It is the holy measurement. And you can find it on Earth in plants, in shells, in animals, in people, in faces, in forms, in shapes, in bodies. It is everywhere, and this too makes a strong connection with us, the extraterrestrial species. A connection to the Earth, to the Earthly people. It is so natural to use this form because we are you and you are us. We are equal. You do not have to be afraid.

Marit: I am not afraid!

E. Bashar: We know you are not, that is why we contact you.

Marit: Okay ….I loved what you told us about the children who are going to live with us. While I am saying this I have a smile on my face….Not only the children, but the little ones…..the elder ones, but also the grown ups and you……

E. Bashar: Yes, of course. In the other realms we meet you already, you have met me several times…

Marit: I would so much like to see you, to have an image of you, but it … no ….

Perhaps I will try to draw you, and you can lead my hand. Perhaps in that way I can see you!

Bashar: Hmmm …You can give it a try … you can give it a try… It is always amusing when someone tries to put me on paper.

Marit: Okay I will give it a try.

Do you still want me to use the name Skull Bashar?

E. Bashar: It is Bashar, no doubt it is Bashar.

Marit: Okay … I hope I will not be in trouble ...

E. Bashar: You won’t have any problems, I will look after you.

Marit: Okay, thank you. What can I do for you, what can I write down for you?

(Long silence, then very serious)

E. Bashar: Stay centered, stay centered in your heart with two feet on the ground, connected to Mother Earth.

Everything that concerns you, that hurts you, everything you see on television, everything you hear….

E. Bashar: Yes, try to stay centered. Only when you are centered you can help the Earth, help Mother Earth. Give your strength to her and get the strength back in your body from her. Stay centered, stay where you are in the middle of your heart, where you have a clear view of the environment and feel the bigger You….

That is where you can feel us. That is where you are now.

Marit: Yes, I know.

E. Bashar: And here you are wise. Here you are open.

Here is no doubt, here is no fear, here is quietness.

In the middle, in the center of your heart.

There is no fear, no fear of us. Here you can meet us.

When you can meet us there and be centered

And stay centered, and stay centered more and more in your daily life…

Just know who you are, just feel your inner strength.

And then you can meet us …. Life ….

Then there will be no more fear.

Then there will be believe ... believe to contact us …. There will be an invitation.

When we feel the invitation, the real invitation, then we will come.

And the children will come to Earth.

Marit: Could you then help us stop the terrible things that happen now?

E. Bashar: When the heart consciousness grows, war will disappear.

But this takes time, there is so much ego at this moment, so much fear, a spiral going in the negative way instead in an upgoing form.

Stay centered, spread your love.

Connect to people and believe.

Believe that we will be there to help you, to communicate with you,

to collaborate with you, to create with you…..

Me: (very softly spoken) I invite you and the children ….

(silence …)

You have known wars like this when you were us, lightyears ago.

E. Bashar: Yes we have, indeed we have, and we learned from it, a lot. We know what we do not want anymore.

We know how it is to be equal, to share, to communicate.

To create, to co-create.

To put the ego aside.

To live from love, from the inner centered love.

This is what the change is all about, to go to live from your love,

the inner centered love.

Love from your heart.

A world that is based on heart-felt society, heart connected:

with the ego because it is sometimes necessary to have some ego

but not in the way that it is now.

Marit: Okay.

E. Bashar: Spread our message, spread our love.

Help us to communicate to the people in the way you do now.

Marit: I am honored to do so, Ezekiël-Bashar.

Where do I know you from?

E. Bashar: You are one of us.

I know you, you know me.

Marit: I hope you can make this clearer to me one day.

E. Bashar: For now it’s enough.

Marit: Okay, thank you very very much.

I know you are here now. I just wish I could see you

E. Bashar: Just draw me, okay.

Marit: I have a pencil here, I will make an effort because I can feel you are here. Your eyes, at first your eyes …

To be continued….

Channeling Ezekiël -Bashar by Marit Karssens

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