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Channeling Ezekiël-Bashar 29 juni 2014 

The day after I met Sharon from America, I channeled again my scull E. Bashar, feeling such a confirmation that I really am in contact with an extra terrestrial man from outer space.

Marit: I give you the permission to speak through me like the other times. I can already feel it in my mouth, in my throat…something is happening … it is time…

E. Bashar: Yes indeed, it is time …. A lot of important things to say ….

Marit: I met Sharon yesterday. It was so special to meet her.

E. Bashar: Yes, it was very nice that you met Sharon, she is a soulmate of yours.

Marit: Yes, that is the way it feels!

E. Bashar: The same energy,

I worked with her for a very long time, I love her very much…

Marit: Are you part of the Intergalactic High Council I channel?

E. Bashar: Yes indeed I am. Now I represent a specific species and I want to take away the fear, and you are going to help me with it.

Marit: I always said I am not afraid and I will help people to take away the fear!

E. Bashar: That is what you are going to do.

At this very moment my little very shy cat Kiki jumps on my bed.

E. Bashar: Hello Kiki! Darling, it’s Bashar, Bashar loves cats too … you are from Egypt, my darling.

Kiki suddenly throws herself into my arms. I have to laugh, it’s so funny.

E. Bashar: I have a message for you:

A message of peace, of contact, a message of believe. We hope that you, people on Earth, consider it more and more normal that Extraterrestrials could come to your Earth. I think when you ask the ones you know, fewer and fewer persons will say: No, it is not possible.

… This is because we are already there, and we are changing the attitude towards us by working through beautiful people like you and a whole group of people on Earth who are busy taking away the fear,

who are telling about us, writing our messages down, spreading the message of love … of one-ness …

….long silence….

If you knew what you are capable of! If you only knew and trusted your capabilities, your knowledge, your strength…. You could heal the world! But now almost everyone is waiting for the other … now Mother Earth is crying, crying for your help …

And help is given: we can see good willing people, we can see students working to heal the world, we can see the elder people with more consideration than ever ….

But there is so much to do, so much to do and we can help you with it.

Before we can help you, it would be so beautiful if you would accept our help as help coming from equal personalities from other worlds, from other realms, but equal ….

We do not want to tell you how to act. We want to cooperate, to spread our knowledge, to learn from you.

Marit: and the children, what about the children … (Hybrid Children)?

E. Bashar: More and more people are aware of their children, a lot of people know they have children in other realms, they dream of them, they come to them in visions, in their dreams, in sessions.

Even in the daily life you suddenly can feel such happiness at one moment … like you meet someone new, like there is a reunion …

More and more you are aware that this is a contact with your hybrid children, who are standing almost next to you behind a curtain, behind a veil, and they are reaching out their hands towards you:

You can hold their hand … you can reach out for them…

The gesture of reaching out is already so loving, so felt as coming from the heart in the realms of the hybrid children. They always were denied. They grew up without the motherly love they should have known. The elder hybrid children do not know this feeling and they are more shy than the youngsters. The youngsters are more open, more close to you, but do not forget the elder children:

They looked after the youngsters, they held them, they taught them things, taught them how to play, to learn, how to contact their mothers and fathers in the dreamtime.

Marit: What can we do to really contact the children, to really feel them?

E. Bashar: Some people can feel them, others can’t, but this is not a problem. If the love-felt, heart-felt intention is to contact them, they will be there and you can feel it.

Perhaps you reach out for them and you can feel a tiny hand, a small hand, etherical, but when you close your eyes and feel and imagine this hand in your hand you can actually feel a change of energy and you’ll know: This is real contact … there is a contact …

Marit: …. ( long silence, I am reaching my hand …. and I am thinking …..about how to be sure of all of this, how to talk, write about all this … spread the message, go into the open …)

E. Bashar: There still is doubt …

Marit: Yes, there still is doubt, because I am me! I do not even have the contact-stone to be in contact with you …

Bashar: You don’t need the stone!

Marit: You are right, I can see the picture in front of me, the triangular form and the Fibonacci spiral inside of it.

Strange, I always loved this form in nature, architecture, in everything I see …

Yesterday Sharon told me that the hybrid children really are going to live on Earth, not a very long time from now…

E. Bashar: Time … what about time? …

Prepare for their coming to the Earth.

The higher your frequency level is, the easier it is for them to set foot on Earth, on your grounds. Intensify the contact and invite them to come.

Marit: When they do come, what are they going to do, how can they eat?

E. Bashar: They can eat the food like vegetables, the vegan stuff, they can eat. The youngsters already know what you are eating, they do not need so much. The more your diet will be a little bit similar to theirs, the easier it is for them to contact you, to come through.

Marit: This week I lost weight because I really cannot eat meat anymore. It suddenly stopped. Fat food disgusts me (always did). I ate a lot of fruit and vegetables. Really something is changing inside of me, I can feel it.

Ezekiël-Bashar: And it is healthier too…

Then I fell asleep … Two weeks later I continued the conversation with E. Bashar …

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