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A new message of our friends by Marit Karssens

31st of March 2014

Channeling about the Hybrid Children

Bashar: These are your children, please be well aware of this. Do notice that when you reject these children, you will reject a major part of yourself. For they are yours, your DNA has been used to give birth to these children. They are important, they will form the bridge that is necessary to make the connection to the earthly people. A child in its innocence can build this bridge.

You gave permission to use you egg-cells, or semen to create these wonderful heavenly creatures that are part human – part extra-terrestrial, but if you can see it this way:

You are extra-terrestrial yourself, selves of you, parts of you do exist in realms that you, as a person, are not aware of. Your Selves in the other parallel lifelines cooperate with you to create the New Earth. Realize that you wanted this so deeply that a part of you chose the existence on earth.

Now is the time, the veils are lifting, the awareness of other realms is awakening. You are getting more and more grip on the reality of existence. Although it is very difficult to understand as a human being, your trust in a New Earth is growing and more and more of you are aware of us, extra-terrestrial beings that want to cooperate with you. We dearly wish that you can see us as we are, that you can see the light that burns inside of us too. We are not so different, we are longing for the same goal: the New Earth, in co-creation.

To speak of the hybrid children again:

notice what happens in your dreams, feel the truth of you meetings, gatherings with people, children, sometimes showing themselves as animals like cats for instance. 

You are being tested, time after time: do you really want to contact us, to meet us, or are you still afraid of what will happen? Be open, wish for us to meet you, long for the contact with your children: they long for you, they want to be with you. Feel your motherly, fatherly love, deep …

open … honest….

Make music, have fun, meditate, join together and wish for the children to be there too, to contact you, to make fun with you. Then notice what happens, feel their joy, their love… Feel your inner joy, you need to express yourself in words, sounds, strange words to your ears, strange sounds, but be sure that they hear you and talk to you, sing with you.

Be happy, the New World is a co-creation. You are important, do not deny yourself, do not deny your Selves, do not deny us and your children.

This is the message for now,

Thank you, we are pleased to contact you, Thank you

Ezekiel - Bashar

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